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Fillings & Crowns

Fillings & Crowns

in Clearwater, FL

We have heard it before, “it is just a baby tooth…” Well, baby teeth play an important role in your child’s growth, development and self-esteem. Baby teeth help your child eat so they grow up strong and healthy. Baby teeth are crucial in your child’s speech development. Being able to speak clearly is important for learning in school and helping them become confident in their abilities to communicate with others.


If your child has a cavity, we can remove the decay and fill in the area with a filling that is the same color as your child’s teeth. Gone are the days of using gray or silver fillings. With a tooth-colored filling, your child’s smile will be as beautiful as ever as they show off their shiny pearly whites.


If your child has a severely decayed tooth or has had dental trauma, a tooth-colored crown can be applied to preserve the tooth.