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Tips to get your child to brush

Tips to get your child to brush
December 20, 2020 Shiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry

We’ve heard it before, not all kids want to brush their teeth — it’s not fun or exciting. But to prevent little germs from staying on your child’s teeth and causing cavities, brushing at least twice a day is very important.

Here, at Shiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry, we think it is important for the parents to be involved in their child’s teeth brushing activity. We understand parents are busy, so if you can only do this once a day, then choose the time right before bed. This will help to ensure that those nasty germs are removed from your child’s teeth for all those hours that they are resting soundly in dream land.

Making sure to brush all your child’s teeth including their front teeth and back molars is important for shiny healthy teeth.

Role Modeling
Let your child see you brush your teeth as part of your daily routine. Most kids want to be just like their mom and dad, so if they see you brush, they will likely want to brush too.

Toothbrush Choice
Have your child involved in picking out their toothbrush. Toothbrushes come in different colors. Let your child pick the color as this may help them want to use it more. It is also important to choose a toothbrush that fits them, for example, buy a children’s toothbrush, so that it is more comfortable when they brush. And remember, softer bristles are better than hard ones, as gingival recession can occur with hard bristles.

How long should my child brush?
We recommend brushing for at least 2 minutes to make sure all your child’s teeth have been cleaned. But 2 minutes can seem like forever to a child. To make it more fun, pick up a brushing sand timer. Your child can watch the sand run out, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, while brushing their teeth.

If you have any questions on getting your little one to brush, contact Shiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry today.